Natalie's Experience

Sue Taylor

I had my first crystal healing massage yesterday with Samie-Jo and was completely blown away. to say that it was a transformation experience for me would be an understatement. while intuitively i knew that Samie-Jo was exactly what i needed as soon as she met me at the front door, it wasn't until she started her treatment that I completely understood how much. I will definitely be back for another treatment and highly recommend her services to others.

Kylie Koch


Samie is lovely, I’m 16 weeks pregnant and have had headaches for 4 weeks straight so a massage was well over due she came to my house as I had my other children, was so lovely and left with me feeling 10 times better will definitely be getting Samie back for regular massages throughout my pregnancy 🥰

Monique Wallace 

I would highly Recommend Samie-Jo at Soul Healing Massage. I had pain in my shoulder from previous injury for years, after getting a massage from Samie-Jo I haven’t had any pain. Samie-Jo is amazing!

Ricky Woods


I would highly recommend Samie-Jo! She recently came over and gave my wife a massage. she was so relaxed she went for a 3 hour nap straight afterwards. a wonderful treat for a new mum. Thank you Samie-Jo!!

Samantha Worthington


After a pretty stressful few months, Samie came to my home and treated me to a massage and crystal healing. As the days passed after my session, I realised that I was so much calmer and collected. Not only was the session super relaxing, but it was certainly healing too. Thanks so much Samie!

Delma Arnfield

Samie your the bomb. I feel amazing. I couldn't hardly move my neck before you worked your magic. Now i could almost do cartwheels. Healing is your gift and I am glad you shared it with me.

Brad Kirkness


I’ve been a regular client of Samie’s since 2016. She’s helped me with my arthritis issues and hip problems and recently experienced some corrections using NKT. I couldn’t believe how effective it was. Her massage is second to none and I enjoy each hour I spend on the table. Samie always gives 110% effort and I couldn’t recommend her more highly 👍👍👍

James Wilkinson


Because I started going to to soul healing massage, my back would never get right. I would get a massage and my back would be back to the way it was after 2 weeks. Since I have been going to soul healing massage my back is amazing. You have done a fantastic job over the past year and will not go away where else.

If you looking for an Experience messages I highly recommend soul healing massage.

Laura Coulters


This woman is amazing. I walked away feelings fantastic and full of energy yet relax at the same time. She is in a beautiful location as well. She is very skilled and very professional.
will definitely be back. Highly recommend

Tracey Smith-Kunde


Thank you Samie for making me feel welcome. I left feeling refreshed, relaxed and free. The attention and effort you put into my massage was amazing. Looking forward to our next session with the hot stones🥰

Natasha Kim


Had an amazing treatment with Samie today, I was quite fatigued for days but felt absolutely fantastic and energetic afterwards. She puts a lot of heart and soul into her healing. Thank you so much 🙏

Markus Molenaar

Samie-jo is passionate about her chosen craft & especially her clients. great massage techniques too, that not many others therapists will spend the time to utilise for their clients. well worth booking in!


Roshelle Hoogendyk‎ 

Just had the most AMAZING massage with Samie!!! I've had a massive headache for 3 days and it's suddenly gone. So so grateful and I can't wait to book you in again!! ❤️✌️🎋

Ilonka Lucas 

I just had a combined Reiki and Crystal healing session with Samie and it was an amazing experience! I feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and energized. 🙏💗

Daniel Barrett


Always feel amazing after seeing Samie best therapist around town

Samantha West

Had my first crystal healing  session with Samie. felt awesome afterwards, very relaxed. would defintely recommend and cant wait for my next session!! thanks samie

Kim Maree

Samie is fantastic. she listens to her clients needs and reflects this through her practice. thanks amie. 

Amanda Phillips

Amazing! Samie is kind, caring and lovely. attentive to needs and listens to every complaint. I am already feeling so much better and super relaxed since our session today. samie came to me and still made it a relaxing and calming atmosphere to be in. she also got me in within 24 hours notice. which my pregnant body is super grateful for, can't wait for the next session. thanks again.

Lucile Dupin

My partner and i got a great experience with a reiki / hot stone massage. samie was able to make a session for both of us at the same time and we felt really welcome.

Mozil Hussein

The best massage in Australia you can get 10/10 please try it out guys Soul Healing Massage. great service friendly professional 10/10. 

32 Richland Drive, Bannockburn 4207