My Story

The door to my passion was opened and introduced to me at the age of 21 years, but I believe a past experience was the founder for this discovery. Massage wasn't just the start to a holistic approach in my love of helping people, naturally, but my purpose to this spiritual journey was call life. Since 2018, I have added Reiki and Neurokinetic Therapy to my expertises which are both extremely powerful forms of bodywork, not to mention, both therapies incorporate different techniques but have meaning that is essential to me.


Benefits you offer? A beautifully inviting therapy room to heal, relax and indulge. A well trained therapist who takes excellent care to provide results and leave you feeling refreshed, lightweight and better than ever. 


How might you solve your client's needs? By treating with a diverse background of knowledge and qualifications. The most exciting thing is being able to restore mobility or range of movement to those who thought it wasn't possible.


What distinguishes you from the competition? The passion I have to give, treating not just the symptoms, but the cause of your pain with skills from NeuroKinetic Therapy. I am remarkable because I have started my own business doing what I love.


Who is your target audience? Anyone wanting to rid themselves of tightness and tension. 


Why do they need it? Because we need it. People often overlook the benefits of servicing your body, I often explain to my clients the similarities of your car vs your body as a major maintainence.


What's my story? I started working from home, where I have a complete room dedicated to my work. Before I created Soul Healing massage, the room was always an intended meditative atmosphere where I could go if needed. I've always been interested in natural remedies and I'm very passionate about helping; about giving my clients a space to heal with me. I believe, with your compliance, we can change your movements patterns together.


Why should they trust me? Building credibility with you is my goal and to having clients express their gratitude afterwards is my highlight. If feeling light, comfortable, safe and happy is how I have impacted you in the slightest; than its most likely a sign that this is great for you.


What's next? It's so exciting to act. Now that I've covered most of what you need to know, what do I want you to do next ? Book an appointment with me of course.

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