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Soul Healing Massage

Massage is the supreme balancer, bringing peace to a troubled mind and relief to a tense body. It works on our overall well-being, our spirit. It is a useful and an integral part of the healing process.

Dan's Experience 

Reiki Level 1 Workshop

22nd of November 2020

Meet Samie-Jo

What do you value in a healing process?

Soul; the basis of our be-ing. The body is our physical vessel to experience this spiritual journey called Life.

Healing; We are all on a healing journey together and my goal in life is to help you along that path. 

I thank you all for your part in my journey...


Swedish Relaxation Massage

What Clients are Saying

Kylie Koch

Sammie is lovely, I’m 16 weeks pregnant and have had headaches for 4 weeks straight so a massage was well over due she came to my house as I had my other children, was so lovely and left with me feeling 10 times better will definitely be getting sammie back for regular massages throughout my pregnancy 🥰

Sue Taylor

I had my first Crystal Healing massage yesterday with Samie-Jo and was completely blown away. To say that it was a transformative experience for me would be an understatement. While intuitively I knew that Samie-Jo was exactly what I needed as soon as she met me at the front door. It wasn't until she started her treatment that I completely understood how much. I will definitely be back for another treatment and highly recommend her services to others.   

Delma Arnfield

Samie you're the bomb. I feel amazing. I couldn't hardly move my neck before you worked your magic. Now I can almost do cartwheels. Healing is your gift and I'm so glad you shared it with me. 


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